Nick Ferrio


Songwriter / Guitarist / Producer / Graphic Artist / Father


Peterborough, Ontario’s Nick Ferrio returns with an album of ten rock & roll songs called Soothsayer.

The album marks a departure from his previous folk and country albums, with more of a 70’s power-pop sound, reminiscent of Elvis Costello and T-Rex, but still completely his own.  


With Soothsayer, Nick Ferrio has reinvented himself. He may have moved on from the folk and country sounds of his previous recordings, but for Ferrio (and his band His Feelings) feelings are still front and centre. On Soothsayer, these feelings are wrapped in the fuzzy sweaters of rock and roll and psychedelia, but fans of Ferrio's earlier albums will find that his storytelling, and indeed his feelings, are still at the core of his music. From the laid-back, casual confidence of the title track, to the frenetic groove of That's Not How I Remember It or the glittering guitars of Quit Acting, this record is Ferrio at his most self-assured, out-there and exploratory. And then there's Food Court, which is probably the best rock song about your mom ever written.

If you're looking for Nick Ferrio, you can usually find him on the road, performing solo or with friends, or on stage with The Burning Hell or Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. If he's not on tour, there's a good chance Ferrio is in the studio, making recordings like Introducing His Feelings (2012), Half The Time (2013) and Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs (2015). Wherever you find him, you will find an open and dynamic songwriter, producer, and musician, breathing in the world around him and singing it back out again.


Nick is an accomplished graphic designer. Send him a message if you're interested in hiring him for design services.


Nick is a recording engineer and producer and has worked on many albums with a variety of clients. He runs a small home studio, with a great selection of analog gear, and has worked out of numerous studios across Canada. Send him a message if you're interested in working with him on your next album.