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Nick Ferrio is a prolific voice on the Canadian musical landscape.  The always evolving singer-songwriter examines gentrification in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario in his newest single “I Don’t Know How Long,” exploring how the erasure caused by gentrification is just another symptom of colonialism throughout Turtle Island. “This stolen land doesn’t belong to you or me, it keeps being stolen, over and over again,” sings Ferrio, over waves of anthemic punk-rock hypnotism.

It’s thoughtful, meaningful music from an ever- evolving artist whose body of work fits comfortably on a playlist next to the likes of Daniel Romano, Timber Timbre, July Talk or Joel Plaskett, all of which are artists Nick Ferrio has shared the stage for sold-out shows with.

In 2017, Nick Ferrio independently released Soothsayer, a collection of songs in which he reinvented himself, moving on from the folk and country sounds of his previous recordings and wrapping 'his feelings' in fuzzy rock and roll and psychedelia.

If you're looking for Nick Ferrio, you can usually find him on the road, performing solo or with friends, or on stage with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. If he's not on tour, there's a good chance Ferrio is in the studio, making recordings like Introducing His Feelings (2012), Half The Time (2013) Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs (2015) or Soothsayer (2017). Wherever you find him, you will find an open and dynamic songwriter, producer, and musician, breathing in the world around him and singing it back out again.

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